Welcome to Idea Integration Pro, public relations experts. We work with all facets of marketing for food industry companies: from business-to-business marketing, to women-to-women campaigns, to the development of services for children. Not surprisingly, we have seen these three market segments intertwined on many different levels.

  • Breakthrough Media Campaigns & Marketing

    We create attention-grabbing campaigns pertinent to beauty and fashion, all things food related, women’s interests, and children’s growth and progress. We develop radio programs and awareness campaigns from beauty and health to nutrition, child safety and hygiene.

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  • Brand Development

    As brand consultants, we will help you develop your brand identity in the marketplace. We specialize in every aspect of food promotion including photography and newsletters; statistical and competitive research; effective graphic design, and corporate branding identities.

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  • Product Launches

    We develop your product branding through the creation and structuring of campaigns, promotion through myriad media outlets, direct mail advertising, business to business marketing, restaurant marketing, special events creation, and coordination for specific products.

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  • Public Relations Marketing

    As a public relations agency specializing in planning conventions and conferences from development to execution, we bring together media inclusion and participation with direct product placement on TV and radio. We also develop online PR campaigns.
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  • Strategic Communications

    We develop communications planning for working with your team. We set benchmarks and strategize our moves, creating tactical plans that include website and branding development as well as media pushes through advertising.

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